About company

We are a manufacturing and trade company, which has been present on Polish and foreign markets since 1995.

We offer a wide range of frozen and chilled pork, beef and poultry meat.

We deal in cutting and boning of pork heads. We also make MSM and poultry meat. Being a manufacturer we can ensure the processing adjusted to the demand on the market and addressed to the needs of our customers. We have a cold store, blast freezing chambers and packaging area, in which we package our range of products under our own brand name and logo.

Our trade partners are in all European Union countries, East European and Baltic countries, in the Balkans and in more distant markets such as in Asia and West Africa where we export Polish pork and poultry mostly.

Our advantageous localization in central Poland, where A1 and A2 motorways cross, as well as efficient logistics ensure fast distribution of goods both to our customers in the European Union market and domestic market.