"MitMar" Sp. z o.o. in Głowno has been mainly engaged in trading business of meat and other slaughterhouse frozen and chilled products in the country and abroad, also in cutting, packaging, freezing, storage and transport. The company also deals in storage services involving meat, slaughterhouse products as well as vegetables and other agricultural products. 
The company's objective is to earn profits by satisfying needs, still increasing requirements of customers and consumers, and to manufacture safe, genuine (unadulterated) food in compliance with laws of Poland and European Union, while the company's mission is to do it by achieving highest standards of quality, through work of qualified and stable staff, having in mind the protection and care of the environment.
Focusing on our customers' needs we lead up to the development of their continuous trust in us offering them high quality goods and services so that we become reliable partners for present as well as future customers. Our operative and efficient Integrated Quality Management System, which includes HACCP (certified according to Codex Alimentarius),  IFS and BRC standards, serves this purpose.
We maintain long-lasting relationships with those suppliers who satisfy our requirements specified in bilaterally accepted specifications. All employees are responsible for their work quality, they work in compliance with GHP and GMP principles that are well known to them. We build our development on avoiding, not removing incompatibilities thus rather relying on preventive measures as its foundation.

In our continuous pursue to the development and improvement we define strategic objectives, which when identified are subject to internal audits and system reviews:
•    Maintenance of a strong position on the market and sales increase, also extension of selling markets in the country and abroad. 
•    Commitment of employees at all levels in taking preventive measures leading to perfection and improvement of the company’s business.
•    Improvement of safety and work hygiene conditions, minimization of accident risks.
•    Building a stable staff by investing in training, opportunities for professional development.
•    Optimization of production space and facilities, machinery and equipment. Keeping them in good technical and hygienic condition.
•    Control of processes and products at the level ensuring the compliance of products with adopted requirements, minimization of complaint risks. 
•    Further creation and strengthening of the company's positive image as a strong and stable enterprise focusing on highest standards of quality.

The Company's Management Board members declare that rules of Quality and Health Safety Policy have been implemented, understood and obeyed by all employees. We also assume an obligation to fulfil strategic objectives.